The Forgotten Photo

As photographers, I think we are always looking to get out and create new imagery.  We shoot, we process, we post, we share… and then we forget, sometimes, the photos we didn’t process.  There are photographs which often get overlooked because the shoot is too recent in our memory and we can predetermine the “keepers”.  Well, this past weekend I went back to a morning nine years ago when I photographed Cuttalossa Farm.  I have two particular shots from my “foggy morning shoot” which are long time favorites.  So when I went back and looked through these old images, I was surprised when I came across a photo I over looked so long ago.  It only took me about 15 minutes to process the RAW file with my new work flow and I was shocked that I never considered this photo in the past.

I posted the final image to my 500px account to see if it appealed to other photographers as well.  I was wondering if it was a good image or if I was just being sentimental about a time from nearly a decade ago when I was just getting a handle on what I was doing photographically.  Over the next 24 hours the photo was viewed over 2000 times, received over two hundred likes and more than 100 favorites.  It was commented on by 14 fellow photographers and received my highest rating to date on the website, a 98.7 out of 100.

I know this has happened to many other photographers as well, but I thought it would help serve as a reminder to go back and look at the old stuff every once in awhile.  With a fresh perspective and faded memories of the captured images, it is quite rewarding to uncover a new favorite… the forgotten photo.

UPDATE – 09/13/2014 – PHOTO OF THE DAY
This “Forgotten Photo” has now been selected as Photo of the Day” on  It is a fantastic website which I have long gone to for a daily dose of photographic inspiration.  To be in the company of photographers who have also won in an honor indeed.  If you visit this website for even a short time you will be in awe of the beauty and power of the natural world.




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