My trip to the pacific northwest all came about from an anniversary gift from my wife.  She knew I was always looking to start visiting national parks and test my photographic skills.  So, while having an anniversary dinner, she handed me a book on National Parks and said, “Pick one and go.”  I picked two…

Mount Rainier National Park

At 14,409 feet, Mount Rainier commands attention in the greater Seattle, Washington area.  Once you are in the national park that surrounds the impressive mountain you realize there is a wonderful balance of all things around you.  The abundance of wildflowers, numerous waterfalls, encounters with wildlife and amazing hikes up, down and around Rainier put me in a natural playground that had me going from predawn to late at night.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park had me equally amazed but for very different reasons.  Olympic was so much more diverse in what it had to offer and more scattered about.  There was the amazing shoreline of places like Second Beach, the unfamiliar smells and scenery of the Hoh Rain Forest and the high mountains of Hurricane Ridge.  It was truly three parks in one and I quickly learned that I was not going to have enough time to see it all.

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